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Lord of Swiss is a watches manufacturer specialized in the design and production of luxury watches.


Lord Of Swiss S.A. is a Swiss company established on 2016 for the  inventor Academician Baron Lord Prof.Dr.Muhammad Abdul Aziz Al Baker in Geneva . 

Our luxury brand create quality timepieces that showcase great design and optimal quality, designed to last you a lifetime. With luxury watches selling for thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars, these timepieces are a considerable expenditure. The merits of the quality is more important than the cost.

We have many registered designs. We won many Gold medals and special awards for our high quality in creating watches and in inventing new technologies.

We manufacture not just mechanical or automatic watches, but also modules for smart applications such electronic compass, radio frequency identification, mass-market consumer appliances, alarm and security systems, sensor signal processing with creative packaging solutions for today’s most demanding applications.

Lord of Swiss was from the first companies to specialize in the designing and manufacturing of vintage oriental Arabic watches provides with tourbillon and smart technology.

By accumulating many years of experience in design and electronic Lord of Swiss has established a great production capabilities, excellent quality, and responsive customer service.

Thanks to a very close collaboration with our private customers, we can create a perfect balance between time craft and style. Rather than viewing ourselves as a vendor, we always aim to become a trusted partner of our clients; indeed our exceptional client service constitutes a core value for the business.

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